We came into your showroom after visiting the “other” spa company down the street and were immediately impressed with the quality of “Hot Spring” spas.  We were especially impressed by how quiet they ran and how efficient they are.

Although we were under construction on our home at the time, we were too excited to get a “Hot Spring” spa and couldn’t pass up your special!  We purchased the spa and had it delivered before we were even moved back into our newly re-modeled home.  Check out how Mary and the dogs used to sit in the spa in anticipation of installation.  The other picture is how it looks now!  The dogs still love it too.

OK, maybe we got a little excited in the beginning, but we sure have enjoyed the spa over the last years.  It is always the perfect temperature easy to maintain.  Now we are looking at getting another “Hot Spring” spa.  Yep, this time we plan on buying another spa before we even close escrow on the weekend country getaway.  Plan to hear from us again soon! Thanks for your excellent staff and service.

, San Francisco Bay Area, CA - 5 / 5