It’s three a.m. and I’ve just arrived home from playing guitar and singing in a rock band.  My body is well aware that I exceeded my physical limitations.  I sluggishly drag my heavy musical equipment out of the truck and stow them in my garage.  My feet are numb from dancing in high heels and I fell a painful knot in my shoulder from my heavy guitar.  I take off my clothes and quickly head outside to my spa.  The crisp foggy air stings my body at once, as I slide into my new Hot Spring Spa.  The hot water immediately takes the chill of my skin.  I stretch out in the recliner, lean my head back and inhale the refreshing salty sea air.  While the jets are relaxing my neck, the foot massage brings back the sensation in my poor tired feet. After a while I move over to the rotating jet, which I’ve named “Helga”, because it works my shoulders like a Swedish masseuse!  All this time my cat walks around the rim trying to play with the bubbles.  When I’m completely relaxed I get out of my spa and fall into bed and sleep sounder than ever.

When I wake up in the morning I feel completely rejuvenated and 20 years younger than my 50 years.  I grab my surfboard and run across the street and hit the waves.  I laugh to myself feeling this good; I expect to be rocking out like Tina Turner when I’m 60 years old.

, San Francisco Bay Area, CA - 5 / 5