My husband and I just bought a hot tub after wanting one for many years. My husband did a lot of research on the various hot tub companies throughout the Bay Area. The best reviews consistently came back to the Hot Springs tub which Creative Energy sells. We have so far dealt with the owner John, his son Dave, Larry the sales person, Bonnie, and Crystal.
It was Larry we met when we first entered their showroom and who sold us our Jetsetter hot tub and he was wonderful to deal with.  He is knowledgeable, with a calm demeanor, no sales pressure and we appreciate that. We tend to like low-key sales people the best. The owner himself, John, visited our house to do an inspection of the area where the hot tub would be installed. Very impressive indeed!

Once we bought our tub, it was delivered on the memorial day weekend. Although there were delays with the delivery, it came the day it was supposed to come and the installers were not rushed, and were apologetic for being so late in the day. They did a great job setting it up. We were able to use it that evening. We love this Jetsetter tub!

Next – after using the tub every day twice a day for a week we noticed the water started to get cloudy and we couldn’t fix it with instructions in the manual or online. We ended up going to creative energy in San Rafael which is right around the corner from our house almost and Crystal was there. She was reassuring that this could be fixed easily and gave us some tips but also told us that Bonnie would call us as soon as she got back to the showroom. Sure enough-Bonnie did call and while she was talking us through the troubleshooting and  procedures on the phone, she asked us if we just wanted her to come over to our house to work through it with us because we live fairly close. We jumped on that idea and 15 minutes later they were at our house and in our backyard-they walked us through all the procedures we needed to know to clean the filters, what settings to use, what additives to add and when etc. Bonnie also brought over her own troubleshooting instructions and FAQs that she made up herself for her customers! Very useful and understandable. Crystal actually came with her and the two of them were just awesome! It was a really hot day and it was the end of the day on a Saturday but they never made us feel rushed or like we were imposing on them at the end of the workday. We really appreciated that type of customer service!
They even brought over the products we needed. When they left, my husband and I were no longer frustrated by the cloudy water in our brand-new hot tub and have enjoyed it every day since that time.
We are very impressed with the quality and workmanship that goes into these hot spring hot tub’s. We are heavy users-meaning we use it two to three times per day, so it was very important that we had a well-made tub that would hopefully last for as long as we needed it to last!

And so –  A big Thank You to:
Bonnie, Crystal, Larry, John, Dave, Brandon, and Alex!
Jeff & MaryAnne Pollack

, San Rafael - 5 / 5