Hot Spring Tri-X Replacement Filter Cartridge – 65 sq. ft.


The Hot Spring Tri-X replacement cartridge filter can replace the 71825 filter in select hot tub models. This ceramic replacement filter has an effective filtration size of 65 sq. ft.

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The Hot Spring Tri-X replacement ceramic fiber cartridge filter was introduced in the 2004 Hot Spring high performance spa models. In 2006 the Tri-X became available as a replacement for the common polyester filters (aka paper filters). The unique design enables it to filter twice the water per minute than a common filter. You don’t have to clean it as often either! Hot Spring Spa filters are a vital part of any spa system. Spa filters regulate the water that enters your spa and keep debris, dirt, and other items from floating into the pipes and damaging the pump and inner workings of your hot tub. This filter can replace the 71825 filter in the following hot tubs and spas:

  • Hot Spring spas 1990-Current
  • Hot Spot spas 1998-2002
  • Solana X
  • Solana RX
  • Solana SX
  • Solana TX

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