Freshwater Concentrated Chlorinating Granules – 3.5 lb.


Freshwater Concentrated Chlorinating Granules is specifically formulated for spas and hot tubs to effectively sanitize and shock spa water to keep it clean and clear.

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FreshWater Concentrated Chlorinating Granules provides spa owners with the sanitizing power of chlorine in a quick-dissolving granular form, making application quick and easy. Simply add to spa water while the pump is running, and they dissolve completely to start disinfecting your spa. Chlorinating Concentrate is also pH neutral to ensure no affect on your chemically-balanced spa water. This concentrate can be used in regular doses as a sanitizer, and in shock doses as an oxidizer.

Freshwater Concentrated Chlorinating Granules are specifically designed for use with the FreshWater Water Care System or the FreshWater Salt System on Hot Spring Highlife or Limelight spa models.

Works best with the Freshwater MPS Chlorine Free Oxidizer.

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Weight 3.5 lbs