Model 735L Hot Tub

Hot Spring Watkins Wellness, Seats 6 adults

Model 735L Product Information

6 adults
7'0 x 7'0 x 36"
345 gal.
230v/50amp, 60Hz

The 735L hot tub from Watkins Wellness has many of the same luxury features as other name-brand models but at a lower price point.

This 6-person hot tub features 35 powerful jets including larger directional jets and smaller mini jets for targeted, therapeutic hydromassage at your feet, calves, back and shoulders. Plus, each of the contoured massage seats features a neck pillow for additional comfort during your soak.

The 735L hot tub is exceptionally eye-catching with a built-in waterfall feature, elegant cabinet and shell finishes, and multi-color LED lighting.   


  • Directional Jets: The larger jets in your spa allow you to redirect the jet stream by changing the position of the nozzle. 
  • Mini Jets: The mini jets are designed to perform a soft, soothing massage on your feet, calf, back and shoulders. The air control levers are used to change the air intensity of a group of mini jets simultaneously. 
  • Hot Tub Pillows: Each spa comes with at least pillows for optimal comfort. 
  • Beautiful, On-Trend Design: Watkins Wellness hot tubs like the 735L are designed to delight the senses with eye-catching finishes, dramatic 10-point multi-color LED lighting, sleek details and a built-in waterfall feature. 

Model 735L Features

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  • Charcoal



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