2022 HotSpring HotSpot TX TX22D4221255


Dimensions: 6’ x 6’ x 29”

  • Product ID: tx22d4221255
  • Cabinet color: Storm
  • Shell color: Alpine white
  • People: 2 Seats
  • Seating: Open
  • Voltage: 115 V or 230 V
  • Water care: FROG® In-Line Cartridge Ready

Experience affordable luxury with the 2022 TX model, a pre-owned gem that offers an intimate spa experience for two. Perfectly engineered to fit into corner spaces, this entry-level spa doesn’t sacrifice quality for affordability. With a lounge seat and a variety of jet types, it ensures a customized relaxation journey. This gently used spa represents an exceptional value, combining the benefits of modern design with a price point that welcomes you into the world of luxury spas. Checkout the 2022 TX model for yourself at our San Rafael showroom. Step into a world of serene relaxation with this beautifully maintained, budget-friendly option.

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