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Another Happy Yelper!

My experience of purchasing a new hot tub was highlighted by a knowledgeable sales person Cole Spilman !  His individual & unique sales style makes visiting the showroom pleasant.
He gave me options to choose from & the pricing was very pleasing.  I am very happy with his follow up to the purchase & the amount of details he provides to make you a happy customer.
He represents Creative Energy well!

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Steve J., San Mateo

Special Needs Hot Tub Owner

We have a disabled son who was injured in a hit-and-run car accident in 1991.  Two years ago we started to remodel the house.  At this time we looked into adding a spa to our deck.

After looking at several spa outlets we picked Creative Energy in San Mateo.  The salesperson was Joey.  From day one Joey was with us all the way until the spa was installed in our deck.  It was sunk so that our son could transfer from his wheelchair with ease.

Joey also came down on a couple of trips to our home.  He installed a grab bar for easier access to the spa.  He followed up on William’s progress in the use of the spa.  This is the type of person people would like to deal with.

Bill Lacey - Father, San Mateo, CA

Enjoying 25 Years of Service

The Creative Energy spas and service experience have meant so much to us over the past twenty-five years.  There’s nothing more exciting then to be in the cover of warm water in the midst of a howling storm.  There’s the romance of the candlelight and steam with someone who you love.  The massage motion of the jets to sooth your aching muscles.  Each person in the family has their favorite time and use.

For me, it’s my early morning dip just after I wake up.  It’s my time to survey the morning and start the day in warmth and serenity.

Tom Borello, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Hot Tub Twice a Day

My friend Paul (Paul is on the left… that puts me on the right) have been high school teachers, tennis companions, and friends for over 30 years.  In this picture, Paul has just retired and my wife took a picture of us celebrating this fact in my Jetsetter spa.

Two weeks later, Paul and his wife purchased a Jetsetter spa.  I use my spa at least twice a day; once just after getting up in the morning and again just before going to bed. My wife joins me in the evening spa trip.

Dan Lufkin, Fremont, CA

Cart Before the Horse

We came into your showroom after visiting the “other” spa company down the street and were immediately impressed with the quality of “Hot Spring” spas.  We were especially impressed by how quiet they ran and how efficient they are.

Although we were under construction on our home at the time, we were too excited to get a “Hot Spring” spa and couldn’t pass up your special!  We purchased the spa and had it delivered before we were even moved back into our newly re-modeled home.  Check out how Mary and the dogs used to sit in the spa in anticipation of installation.  The other picture is how it looks now!  The dogs still love it too.

OK, maybe we got a little excited in the beginning, but we sure have enjoyed the spa over the last years.  It is always the perfect temperature easy to maintain.  Now we are looking at getting another “Hot Spring” spa.  Yep, this time we plan on buying another spa before we even close escrow on the weekend country getaway.  Plan to hear from us again soon! Thanks for your excellent staff and service.

Chris & Mary, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

New Hot Tub, New Toys

My name is Adam Boyd and I will be eight years old on March 1st.  My mom and I use the spa almost every night.  We have had the spa for almost two years, about the time I got my big Titanic.  I like to play with my boats and the titanic in the spa, while mom sits and relaxes.  There is plenty of room for everyone, even dad when he gets off work.

We liked our spa so much that we bought one for our Tahoe house.  Everyone likes to relax in the spa at Tahoe after playing all day, but I like to make snowballs and melt snow in the spa.  My favorite time is when it is snowing out.  The spa seems to help Grandma Mary’s hip after she skis all day.  She just turned 70.

Adam Boyd, Belmont, CA

Something for Everyone

We love our “Landmark” Hot Springs spa because EVERYONE in our family can enjoy it in their own way!  Mom loves to release the stress of the day, the teens go in after football, basketball and baseball practice, and the girls just like to splash around!  It’s always ready to use and the cover just slides on and off (plus I love the fact that it has locking feature).  With all of the different jet systems, you can always find a comfortable place to soothe and soak.  Thank you Hot Springs Spa and Creative Energy for helping the Gonzalez Family “chill” out and relax in their hot tub! We love it!

The Gonzalez Family, Novato, CA

A Rock Musician’s Fountain of Youth

It’s three a.m. and I’ve just arrived home from playing guitar and singing in a rock band.  My body is well aware that I exceeded my physical limitations.  I sluggishly drag my heavy musical equipment out of the truck and stow them in my garage.  My feet are numb from dancing in high heels and I fell a painful knot in my shoulder from my heavy guitar.  I take off my clothes and quickly head outside to my spa.  The crisp foggy air stings my body at once, as I slide into my new Hot Spring Spa.  The hot water immediately takes the chill of my skin.  I stretch out in the recliner, lean my head back and inhale the refreshing salty sea air.  While the jets are relaxing my neck, the foot massage brings back the sensation in my poor tired feet. After a while I move over to the rotating jet, which I’ve named “Helga”, because it works my shoulders like a Swedish masseuse!  All this time my cat walks around the rim trying to play with the bubbles.  When I’m completely relaxed I get out of my spa and fall into bed and sleep sounder than ever.

When I wake up in the morning I feel completely rejuvenated and 20 years younger than my 50 years.  I grab my surfboard and run across the street and hit the waves.  I laugh to myself feeling this good; I expect to be rocking out like Tina Turner when I’m 60 years old.

Stephanie, San Francisco Bay Area, CA


After a long long day, this is one of the greatest pleasures for us; sinking into the tub and listening to the crushing waves from the Pacific Ocean.

Natural cure for the body and for the soul.

We are living in an ocean-front house, and our tub is on the deck under the sky.


Viviana & Imre, Pacifica, CA

An Oasis in Our Backyard

I just got out of your “Hot Spring” spa using the new “Awaken” aromatherapy to create the right mood and inspire me to tell you our story.

It all began in July 1999, when Terri and I purchased our home in Mill Valley.  Although the home needed some upgrading, it had a great back yard that could be magnificent with a complete makeover.  We knew that the one thing we had to have was a spa.  We consulted our contractor and he said, “I just put a $2,500 spa in a $3,000,000 home I built and it works great.”  He gave us a brochure and we picked out the design and style we liked.  We decided to hire a landscape architect to draw some plans.  We told him about the spa and he said, “If you are going to purchase a spa, go to Creative Energy and check out the “Hot Spring”, they are the only spa to own.”  We took a trip to Creative Energy that weekend and meet with Lawson.  Needless to say, after our contractor mentioned $2,500 we got a slight dose of sticker shock.  After Lawson gave us a complete training about spas, the cost didn’t mean as much.  He suggested that we come the next day and try out the different designs, so we did.  We tried all the spas and fell in love with the “Classic”.  I could not believe the sensation I felt, sitting back in the middle of the spa with the jets on my back and feet at the same time.  We were sold and ordered our spa on the spot.

The next step was to consult our landscape architect and have him design an oasis for us with the spa as the focal point.  We first thought we should build the spa high enough on the hill so we could appreciate the view of downtown San Francisco.  He encouraged us to build it into the hill right outside the door to our master bedroom.  “with easy access you will use the spa more” he suggested.  He was right.

Terri had back surgery two weeks before our wedding in Sept 1999, and I have had back and neck related problems for years from sitting at a computer so much.  Our spa has saved our lives and has improved our quality of life immensely.  We are in the spa at least once a day and sometimes twice.  I commute to San Bruno, and most of the time on my way home; my only thought is getting into the spa when I arrive.  Our very favorite time is at night when it’s dark, with the sound of our water fall and our yard lit up like a Four Seasons resort, and of course, suit are optional at night… Our architect has truly created an oasis for us and our “Hot Spring” spa is the best part.  We can’t wait for our landscaping to mature so we will have a complete privacy, even in the daytime.

Steve & Terri, Mill Valley, CA

Why I Love Our Hot Spring Spa!

Our Jetsetter hot tub is one of my most favorite things in the house.  Lots of my friends and family have been in it, and they all really liked it. (in fact, everyone likes it.) Anyway, its supposed to be a three person hot tub, but once we made 8 kids fit.  We go in it, about once or twice a week.  And now, here are some stories about the hot tub and family friends.

Here’s a story about my cousin and I.

My cousin, Ella and I were in the hot tub.  My little brother Ry was sitting on a shelf in the hot tub.  He put his legs out across it.  Ella and I swam, over and under his legs.  Once, when we jumped over his legs, we pretended that we were dolphins jumping over a rock.  Another time when we swam under his legs, we pretended that we were sharks, and we did not come up until about 40 seconds. (sometimes 50.)

Here’s another story about the time we fit 8 kids in the hot tub.

The time we fit 8 kids in the hot tub, we had lots of fun.  We were 8 kids between the ages of 5 and 14.  (and we still had a lot of room left). In the hot tub, we played a game called doggie doggie where’s your bone.  But we used a ponytail holder instead.  It was funny when a 10 year old boy hid the ponytail holder behind him, and we were all looking for it.  And the he said: do you know where the ponytail holder is you guys?  Then we said: no.  and so we kept on looking.  Then the 10 year old turned around and got the ponytail holder.  And the he yelled: I FOUND IT! I FOUND IT!  Good we all said. And then we started playing again.

At night when we go in the hot tub, we see the moon and the stars.  They are so beautiful. And sometimes I think airplanes are stars.  Because when the planes stay still for a while, they look like stars.  At night my brother especially likes the blue light in the hot tub.

I really like the hot tub, and I’m glad that we have one.

Kate, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Personal Customer Service

In 1984 we purchased our first Creative Energy Spa.  We were the only ones in our crowd to have an always hot – always ready spa.  We should have been working on commission with all the spas we sold.

In 1998 we moved from Marin to Sonoma.  The new Creative Energy spa arrived and was installed in a grape arbor the previous owner had built.  It was a perfect fit.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after everyone had departed that I noticed a portion of the electrical cord was resting under the spa.  Like all remodels and building projects we had had numerous problems and hassles.  It was Friday afternoon and I didn’t have much faith in an easy quick resolution.  I called the office and explained the problem.  An hour later the Boss’ wife and I were sipping wine while he jacked up the spa and readjusted the cord.  After a little more wine and conversation they drove into Sonoma for dinner.  It turned out to be a delightful afternoon.  I should have known that Creative Energy would have not only a great product, but also prompt personal service.

Alex, Sonoma, CA

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