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Fireplace Story

The Creative Energy Fireplace Story

Our Fireplace Story We started selling spas in 1976. By 1984 we realized that spas… Read More

Can a Hot Spring Spa help conserve water?

Can a Hot Tub help conserve water? Your city and state officials will say “Absolutely… Read More

Fireplace Safety Tips

We love our fireplaces. In addition to being the centerpieces of ambiance in our homes,… Read More

Improve Heat Efficiency with Fireplace Inserts

Bay area fireplace owners enjoy watching fires burn and value the ability to closely monitor… Read More

Integrated TV and Sound Systems Enhance the Hot Tub Experience

Hot tubs are a great way to relax or socialize, but because they are installed… Read More

Make Sure Your New Hot Tub Fits Your Lifestyle

Purchasing a new hot tub is a big decision that typically prompts the buyer to… Read More

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